Friday, May 23, 2008

Posterity Note -- May 23rd 2008

Whew. Haven't posted here in awhile. Hope you've all been keeping well.

I had this thought about a year ago and I remember remarking to friends with the prelude "Mark my words ..." So I thought I'd take my own good advice and literally mark my words.

As we draw ever-near to the end of George W. Bush's reign of terror in the "free" world, I had this horrible scenario pop into my head. Right before the election, something horrible is going to happen. Another attack will occur on North American soil (not ruling out Canada here), executed by a "terrorist" group that managed to sneak one under Homeland Security's collective noses.

When that happens, Bush will take control of the United States government and "postpone" the election, saying that in light of what has just happened, holding elections now would not be in the country's best interest.

What's terrifying is that the President does indeed hold that power. It's in the rulebooks that the president can take control of the governments in a time of crisis.

How long will the President be able to maintain that power? That's really up to us, isn't it?

I really hope I'm wrong.