Friday, November 30, 2001

A Day in the Life of the Devil:

Here's a good little town to wreak some havoc.... Tabarnac! They've got an anti-Satan law here. It's gettin' to the point a man can't get his business done no more... I'm going to write to my member of Parliment... Give Stockwell Day a piece of my mind and remind him of that favour he promised me...

In the meantime, I guess it's back to Beverly Hills for me. Maybe Paul Reuban's watching a movie by himself or something. That's always good for a laugh...
Whatever has happened to true workmanship in the new millenium? Have we really been reduced to "Necessity is the mother of invention"?

Bin Laden can carve a really cool fortress into a mountainside armed with a rifle and spoon, but we can't build an Olympic stadium that doesn't collapse or break down with a regularity that you can dance to.

He probably gets great satelite though (with all the naughty channels on parental lockout (guess who has the password?)...
I guess having Montreal suffer from a terrorist attack isn't so unbelievable after all.

Yesterday afternoon, we put up the Yule tree at work, complete with lights, balls, and ribbon. Then someone pulled out the 10 year-old single malt scotch and we toasted the new season.


Wednesday, November 28, 2001

In a flurry of conflicting schedules, I've just discovered I can't make it to the next storytelling session because December 7th is the Dream Mechanics Xmas party.

In the interests of building stronger bonds with my cow-orkers, I'm going to have to miss another storytelling. Crap!

I'll have a kick-ass story ready for January 4th, so be sure that you make it!
Whew! I thought Friday was December 1st, so I was scrambling to get my story ready for the storytelling meeting at the Storyteller's Guild of Montreal (held at Cafe Art Folie on Monkland in NDG, first Friday of every month, 8 pm).

I have about 4 new stories that I'm trying to learn. I've promised myself that I'm going to learn all new stories this year 'cause the last 2 years, I've been lazy.

So now I have an extra week! Yay!

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Oh no! A local journalist (from the Mirror) is being held hostage in Afghanistan.

Think some good thoughts for his safe return... It's always tough to hear about these things when it's someone from your own entourage.
When they banned smoking inside offices, I was tickled pink. I don't think I could stand working in a smoke-ridden office space. When they restricted smoking in public areas (banning it completely in some), I was pleased because it ensured that I could enjoy the relatively clean air without having to wrinkle my nose at other people's smoke.

I can see the benefits of banning smoking from restaurants, but in bars/pubs? I can still see it, but it seems a bit extreme. But this? CBC News: American community to impose fine for drifting tobacco smoke, odours. This seems way too much.

This is a classic case of a good idea taken way past the limits of intent.

Monday, November 26, 2001

I know the last two posts seem to contradict each other. First I say I'm fed up with the MAB project and then I'm pissed off that I don't get to complete it.

There were alot of things that made this project difficult. On my first project, they give me a 300 page tome to complete which ain't easy. Their equipment was constantly breaking down, slowing me down, and the book's author should take a basic grammer course. Her bizarre phrasing kept throwing me for a loop, making it very difficult to read this publication with the proper inflections.

And after filling 7 90 minute tapes and spending over 20 hours on this project, I don't get the satisfaction of closure. I hate not being able to finish what I start! Argh!!!
Well that's done it. I'm five days (140 pages) away from completing the MAB project and I'm fired. The volunteer coordinator just called me and said the author is furious at the amount of time this is taking and wants it finished NOW.

And since I'm so fucking selfish at having a day-job and I can't be coming in every day to finish this 300 page book (they wouldn't let me in on the weekends), they're going to be giving the job to somebody else. The remaining 130 pages will be read by a fella who CAN come in everyday.

And they wonder why they have a shortage of volunteers...
Darn it! Why do I find out about these things at the last minute? This means I would only have a week to write something that would take at least a month!

Not that I have much time this month anyways. The MAB project is becoming a cankerous sore in my side. I've still got 140 pages to go, which means about 5-6 more sessions. This week, I can only give three days to the project, but I'm already having to give up a few other activities I would've liked to do. Bugger!

My second date with Kerry was great! She's fun! Of course, I only get to see her on the weekends 'cause she lives way out in St. Anne's and I'm in NDG, but that's just as well. Quality not quantity, right?

I'll be glad when this month is over (and the MAB project is over) so that I can catch up on other things. With Yule coming up, I've got me some shopping to complete!

Friday, November 23, 2001

What this has to do with Buffy is beyond me, but make sure you turn your speakers way up!

Thursday, November 22, 2001

No one's leaving me any comments! I feel so unloved!

When I'm documenting a system, I tend to have to write very dryly. It is a technical document after all, so it's supposed to be factual and to-the-point. The presence of humour in technical documentation is a hotly-debated issue, but the general consensus is that it can be dangerous.

But sometimes my personality flares up and I feel the need to let some of it bleed through in the guide I'm writing. In my last user guide, the Toon Boom Studio User's Guide, I was able to have more fun with the writing style because the product was designed for web-animators.

But my latest project is definitely more serious. All the same, I just see it as a greater challenge to leave little Easter Eggs in the document. Why should the developpers have all the fun? Nothing too serious, mind you. Just little niggles to see if the reader is paying attention.

My latest attempt reads as follows:

Popular culture tells us that size does not matter. That may be true in some circles, but when it comes to the size of your geometric models, size DOES matter.

I'll let you know if my boss picks up on this little ditty.
As you may have noticed, I decided to list the comic books I'm currently collected along the side of the blog. They're fairly mainstreamy, I know, but I don't collect them to be cool (obviously).

The books with the finest writing are the Green Arrow, Usagi Yojimbo, and the now defunct Starman series.

The Starman series ran for eighty issues. Starman has the driest wit, poking fun at the genre and breaking down many of the stereotypes and basic devices used in illustrated fiction. Just the fact that Jack Knight (the hero) didn't wear the de rigeur tights made him worth reading.

Check out these Starman Quotes and you'll see what I mean.
There's a big, ol'fashioned Ho Down going on at Philips Square today to celebrate the Grey Cup Final. There's a stage, fiddles, dancing people, and lots of white cowboy hats. Yeeeeehaw!

I love working downtown...
And the Sorting Hat put me in HufflePuff, just like I hoped it would.
I've always like the Transformers. My favorite Autobot was Jazz and my favorite Deceptikon was SoundWave (just for that funky robot voice of his).

If I was an Autobot, I'd be:

Click to see what Autobot you could be!

Take the Transformers personality test at!

Last night's Storytime at the Montreal Association for the Blind was a success! This is the second time I've told stories at the Gilman Residence for Seniors, but this time I invited my friend Jack Nissensson to tell with me. Jack brought along his guitar, told stories, and sang songs.

I should be going back next month to tell Yuletide stories. I don't have many Xmas stories, but I should be able to work something out. I know I'll be telling La Befana (an Italian Yule story) and The Selfish Giant (an Oscar Wilde fable). I just need to pick two more and I'll be set.

This regular storytelling gig is great for practice and experience. I'm working to hone my storytelling style to a point where I can take it on the road and perform in national and international storytelling festivals.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

This reminds me: I gotta get some lunch. I gots the munchies!
My friend Jane said such nice things about me and my wee blog in her blog. The blogging community is fun!

I met up with a friend this morning on the bus and we were talking about the little deli near by pad that's going out of business. The owner, Harry Wolfe, was always nice to me and the food he served was great (most of the time).

But my friend had nothing but bad things to say. He's a drunk, he yells at the customers, he's an awful man. I was shocked because I never personally saw these things in him. When I said so, my friend said huffily "Fine. Don't believe me then." A nasty little silence ensued until we changed the subject.

It's not that I think my friend is lying outright, but I have to wonder where she's getting her information. She says she's never been in his shop, but she somehow knows how he treats his customers.

Personally, I try not to judge people until I experience them myself. If someone gives me a warning about somebody, I keep an eye-out for proof, but I try to be objective when dealing with that person and form my opinions on my own experience.

It's not that I don't trust my friend's judgement on the situation, but her life experience goes through a different set of filters than mine (as does everybody else).

But I will NOT damn a person on somebody else's say-so. There's no need to be insulted by this. I just feel I should make my own decisions based on my own experience and judgements.

Tuesday, November 20, 2001

I only got 15 pages recorded at the Montreal Association for the Blind last night. The bloody stupid microphone kept cutting out on one side and the recording equipment is so crappy that I have to keep going back to beginning of a paragraph if I have a problem. I usually record about 25 pages a night (a 2 hour session), so if all goes well, I should be finished this project in about 6 more nights.

"If all goes well." Ha. Don't you love my optimism?

I'm going to auditions tonight for the Lakeshore Players' next production of Cliffhanger. I don't know anything about the play beyond that it's a thriller and it's being directed by Bob Vernicks.

What can I say? When the performance bug bites, it bites deep.

Monday, November 19, 2001

I wanted to provide a link to The Mahones' website, but it looks like someone hasn't been paying their website hosting bills. Naughty naughty!

These music fellas live such decadent lives... I remember the days of debauchery I used to live. There was nary a doorbell in my old stomping grounds that had not felt the pressure of my digits, followed by the pitter-pattering of feet as I stole away from the scene, eager to watch the confusion of the unsuspecting home owner as he/she opened the door to a still night sky. Ha ha!

Anyhoo, I hope they fix this up soon. I want to be able to keep track of when The Mahones come back to town.
I was just checking the site stats for the Pooh Logs and I noticed that I got 68 hits today. Today!

Filled with curiousity, I checked out the stats of who was coming from where. Not surprisingly, most of the hits were from North America (Canada mostly), and I have a fair idea who's visiting my Pooh Logs from the UK (hiya Lisa and Jane!).

But Brazil and the Netherlands? That *is* a surprise! Who knew that the Pooh Logs could contain such international flavour?
On Saturday, I went to see a rockin' punk/folk band from Kingston called The Mahones. I bought their latest album (I already have the previous three) and I am listening to it now. It's great! The Mahones' style of music is like early Pogues.

The show really pounded. The energy was off-the-wall, the place was packed, and everyone was ready to party. A few of my buds came out to see the show and they seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely.

The other item of note was I asked a girl out on a first date to see this show and the date itself lasted [cough] 24 hours. Her name is Kerry.

Kerry took me out for breakfast on Sunday and we went window shopping on Sherbrooke street. I found a few things that I'll need to go back and get for Xmas presents.

I've already started by Xmas shopping for folks. I went to a Craft Sale at the Frasier Hickson library and picked up a few items for friends, my mum, and my nieces (my friend Dianna had a few beautiful necklaces and bracelets for sale, and I got to meet her charming mother). I just have a few more things to get and I'll be armed and ready for another Xmas season.

Friday, November 16, 2001

I love Satire Wire. I really do. Their articles make me giggle like a schoolgirl:

Nation Pulls Together, Falls Over
Santa Barbara, Cal. — Answering the call from government and civic leaders, Americans all pulled together yesterday in a display of patriotism and unity that left 44,000 people dead and 3.3 million injured. The injuries resulted from a lack of an equal number of people pulling together from the other side, causing all 285 million Americans to immediately fall backwards on top of each other.

Check out the article on U.S. "GROSSLY UNPREPARED" FOR UNLIKELY THREATS. It's worth a giggle too (especially the part about the stapler ""What if this stapler suddenly turns on me, decides to attack me, inflicting hundreds of puncture wounds on my person like this (clack) aaaargghh!! (clack) arrrgghh!! (clack) eowarrrgghh!! so that I bleed to death?")
Sometimes, there are days that can only be described as Diddle Daddle Doo, Wubba. Wubba. Wubba.

If you're having one of those days (like me), click here. Give it time to load and then click Play. It's worth the wait.
Ooog... I'm not sure which of my two heads to hold. It was that darned Bailey's on Ice that did me in last night. I had a firm grip on those three pints, but the Bailey's pushed me right over the edge.

Last night's lesson: the smaller the glass, the more disastrous the result. Don't even get me started on the bizarre nights I've had when someone starts bringing out the shots. Ick... stick to beer Dave...

Thursday, November 15, 2001

So I pop by Future Shop on my lunch hour to pickup a set of headphones for the office.

I also need to get a new VCR 'cause my old one shorted out a month ago. So I find one that seems suitable for a reasonable price (a JVC for $120). I ask the salesguy a few questions about it, which he replies way too fast for me to understand. I kept having to ask him to repeat more slowly.

I hate it when salesguys do this. I always get the feeling that they're trying to slide something past me. So that's already -1 point for Sparky the Salesguy.

So he reaches over for a box that contains the VCR I'm interested in, making to give it to me, when I speak up and say I wasn't going to take it right now. I said I would pass by on the weekend to pick it up.

"Why wouldn't you buy it now?" he asked annoyed. Knock off another 5 points for Sparky.

"Because I'm not going home right away and I don't want to lug this thing everywhere I go, that's why." I replied, already regretting the entire exchange.

With that, he unceremoniously drops the box onto the pile and swoops off, in search of another victim.

Everytime I go into that place of unspeakable horror and I speak to someone, I'm filled with horror. Let them make their money off of kids and the rich yet technologically inept. They're not getting their grubby little hands on my cash.
Last night, I went to see the Lakeshore Players' latest production of Moon Over Buffalo in Dorval. It was fantasticly funny. I had seen Richard Bruneau act in other plays (who plays George, the lead guy), but this was by far his piece de resistance.

The play was written in the 1950's, so it has some of the wisdom and expressions of the day. But some people are so PC nowadays, they think we need to eliminate anything that could be construed as offensive.

I heard these two women complain to the president of Lakeshore Players about how inappropriate certain lines were. "You should have deleted those lines right out! How dare you!" they gestured wildly, almost spilling their wine.

The lines they objected to are as follows:

"I don't want to hear anymore of your menopausical hallucinations!"
"She's so wholesome, she could give milk."


Wednesday, November 14, 2001

So this girl I used to chat with off and on popped into my MSN Messenger and started chatting me up, asking me how I was and stuff.

As some of you know my life is a series of ups and downs culminating in being dressed in ceremonial robes, placed atop a sacrificial altar, and left for dead while hordes of tibetan women throw gerkins at my feet.

In short, I've always got stuff going on.

So it always amazes me that when I ask someone what's new, he/she will say "Nothing much."

"C'mon..." I'll cajole, snacking on a gerkin. "I haven't heard from you in months. *Something interesting must've happen to you in that time."

"Nope. Not a thing. I go to work, I come home, I go to sleep. I wish I could meet someone... I'm so lonely."

You mean you're dull as dishwater. Why would anyone want to date someone with so little ambition? How are you going to meet people if you don't go out there and find someone?

There's a whole world out there! Go take a course in something, volunteer your time in some worthy cause. Meet people with common interests, interact with folks, LIVE your life instead of just letting things happen to you.

Argh! This passive take on life just annoys me. I had a friend who had taken a week off from work. When I asked her how she was spending her time, she told me she was sleeping alot.

"Sleeping?" I said incredulously, reaching for another gerkin. "But it's beautiful outside! Why don't you take advantage of the beautiful weather?"

"When I sleep, the days pass faster," she yawned.

Ye Gods... I actually hope these people do meet someone eventually. Someone needs to water them and make sure that they're always facing the sun.
Canada's Contribution to the War on Terrorism

** High Priority **

The Canadians are going to help America with the war on terrorism. They have pledged 2 of their biggest battleships, 600 ground troops and 6 fighter jets.

After the exchange rate, America ended up with 2 Mounties, 1 canoe and a flying squirrel.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

I forgot Randy Quaid.

I also need to mention Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd here (not meaning to be too Taxi-oriented). These are both actors who have wide ranges of acting skill, from evil to good, from maniacal to goofy. Not only are these two men fantastic actors, but they have also stepped behind the recording lens with much success.
I was just thinking about how many fantastic actors are out there that don't get enough critical acclaim. I went to see K-Pax last weekend (great film, but it'll be just as good as a renter) and I though about what great actors Jeff Bridges and Kevin Spacey are.

Not that their careers are suffering or anything, but when you think of a Hollywood Super Star, Kevin Spacey just doesn't seem to jump to mind.

If I were to ever be able to earn a living as an actor (I act and direct plays in my spare time), I would love to be one of those actors that take supporting roles, but never the lead. They take smaller and supporting parts in movies and TV shows. Everyone recognizes them, but no one's really sure of their names.

Judd Hirsch is like that. Famous for his part on Taxi as Alex (the disillusionned yet wise cabhack), Hirsch has been appearing fairly regularly in films in the last few years. Brilliant as a supporting role actor, Hirsch can pull off a quiet, unassuming, and yet powerful performance with any role he's given.

Other actors like this include the following. How many do you recognize?

Clint Howard
John Cusack
Jessica Tandy
Hank Azaria
Albert Finney
Joan Cusack
Phil Leeds
Linda Hunt
Burgess Meredith
Fyvush Finkel
Ray Walston
Judi Dench
Geoffrey Rush
Gloria Stuart
Kevin Kline
Maury Chaykin
Jennifer Dale
Paul Gross
Jason Robards

More to come...

Monday, November 12, 2001

I don't know if it's because I'm broke, payday is drawing nigh, or if Yule is starting to creep into my thoughts more, but I've just realize there's a bunch of things I want/need.

Not that I'm trying to give anyone a hint or anything (no, really!), but these are the things I'm lusting after currently:

a kilt in my family's tartan
a DVD player
a new VCR (to replace the one that just shorted out)
a bodrahn
a better tin whistle (a Sweettone)
an upgrade to my home PC
an m'bira (Thumb Piano)
a Nikon Coolpix 950 digital camera

I'm a greedy little fella, ain't I?
It works! I'm a genius! The Pooh Logs have comments! Use the link to sing my praises!

Actually, I'm only the culmination of generousity inflicted by others. Thanks go to Bill (as usual) and Dave (thisboyistoast) for the help.
I'm testing the BlogBack comments system... here goes nuthin'!
Ooog... stayed out at Hurley's until 3:30 am, but I still got into work for 9:30 am, so I'm not doing too badly.

My head hurts though and I'm having a mite of trouble hanging on ... to what... I'm... try-- huh? What was I saying?

Sunday, November 11, 2001

This weekend has been high traffic!

I went to a fantastic Qabalah workshop on Friday night followed by a night out at O'Donnell's pub. It had all the markings of a night to remember: music, friends, drink, rambunctious behaviour, and dancing with pretty girls.

I stopped a girl who was crossing our table (on the way back to her friend) and I asked her "Pardon me, but I wanted to know your opinion on something. If the band were to play a song that I could invite a pretty girl to dance, what would be the odds of you saying "yes" if I asked you?"

To which she replied, "If you had the balls to ask me, then the odds would be 100% in your favour."

And I thanked her for her time and sent her on her way. When the band finished their song, I requested the type of song I needed, went up to the girl, bowed low and introduced myself. "Would you care to join me for a dance?" And she said yes.

Gina was her name and she danced divinely. We had a wonderful conversation, heavy on the flirting. When the pub closed, I bid her goodnight and headed out. I got about a block away from the pub when I realized that if I didn't give this girl my phone number, I would hate myself in the morning. I doubled-back, pounded on the pub door to get back in, and gave her my number.

Although she said she would call, I realize that she may not. It doesn't matter though. It was a great end to a fabulous night.

Friday, November 09, 2001

Further to today's first posting, the War in Afghanistan extends beyond the immediate theats of the current bombardment.

Thanks to Bill for the link.

I don't think the book I'm reading to tape for the MAB was meant to be read aloud. The author has a real problem with using commas correctly, making it difficult to read the sentences with the proper intonation.

And then, just to frustrate me, she throws in anecdotes about people writing plays that involve character names like (I'm not kidding) Poluphloisloiospaleapologos Petrilopetrolicoconose (taken from the play called The Laird written by George du Maurier in 1894). It took me almost 10 minutes (and 5 retakes) to say that name properly, and even then, I'm not sure I did it properly... Argh!
I was having supper with a friend last night (before going off and doing another 2 hours of reading for the MAB) and she said the most curious thing. I was telling her about the article I saw on SatireWire about the Afghani mountains surrendering to US forces. I was saying that the US will have to send the ground troops in soon because the missles just weren't cutting the mustard. After all, did we learn nothing after Russia waged war on Afghanistan for nine years without much to show for it?

So then she said "Oh, that would be bad. I wouldn't want anyone to die because of this war."

Incredulous, I replied "But people *are* dying. That's what a war does... it kills people."

"I meant Americans dying," she said. "There are Canadian troops over there too, you know. I wouldn't want them to lose their lives over this."

"But people in Afghanistan are dying. The Taliban soliders are being killed. Don't they matter?" I asked.

"But the Taliban deserve it. Only the bad people are being killed."

Like the cruise missles have some kind of built in little morality detectors built in. If that were the case, there'd be alot more ships sinking due to "Friendly Fire".

It must be wonderful to have the world divided up in the Good vs the Bad, Right vs Wrong, Us vs Them, Great Taste vs Less Filling. Everything and everyone gets divided up into neat little groups and nothing crosses over, not ever. No siree Bob!

Thursday, November 08, 2001

I'm glad to say that my first job out of University wasn't this bad, but there are days (even now) when a job like this looks absolutely glamorous.
A bit of an extreme result, but at least he's not fat.

When this month is over and I finish my projects, I'm joining the Y. I've had it with this flab.
Success in the war against terrorism! The obvious target of the intensive American bombing campaign finally surrendered!

After I watched this for a few seconds, the water cooler gurlged suddenly and I nearly jumped out the window.

Why am I so jittery?
In the November 8th edition of his reviews on animation software, Tom Franks of says nice things about the print guide and online help for Toon Boom Studio. The User's Guide was my baby while the online help was Kandis' baby (one of my Toon Boom lackeys).

He said stuff like: Clear documentation and a professional approach and The print and online documentation is not identical. The different approaches taken in the two sets of instructions is sometimes helpful in illuminating a problem.

He said nice stuff about the product itself too, but who cares? He wouldn't have figured out how to use it if it wasn't for the superb documentation!

Docs rock!

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

I stand corrected. There are Starbucks coffee shops in town (aka Futtbuckers as spoofed in MTV's Spy Groove). There's one in Chapters on Ste. Catherine street and one on Monkland (strategically placed across the street from a Second Cup).

Thanks to David for the reminder. Now I'll know what to say to my next American tourist: "Broaden your horizons and try something different, you knob!"
I had lunch with my friend Brenda down at ModaVie on St. Paul street in Old Montreal. On our way back from the restaurant, a car pulled up next to us and a woman leaned out asking where the nearest Starbucks is.

As far as I know, there aren't any Starbucks coffee shops in town and I told her that there were none. The woman looked shocked and then drove away. I checked the license plate. Americans. Figures.

What's the point of visiting other cities in the world if you're going to spend all your time in franchise shops that you have at home?
Now that I'm working downtown again, I've been able to indulge in a favorite pastime that I had almost forgotten about: feeding the meters for cars I don't own.

When I have a whack of pocket change (quarters), I used to feed meters that had expired for cars that had not yet been ticketed. It was my way of sticking it to the man.

But don't get the Green Onions catch you! I was feeding the meters when a dreaded Green Onion surprised me by telling me that what I was doing was against the law. I began to laugh when I suddenly realized she was serious. So even being a Good Samaritan is against the law in this town.

Actually, many cities have this kind of law, but it just means I need to keep an eye-out before I feed the meter. Sure, I might be robbing the city of funds via the parking ticket, but there's no way those meters follow any clock-systems known to mankind. I'm just keeping them honest in a hide-from-the-Green-Onion kinda way.
Okay... I'll admit it. I watched the first season of Survivor. It was an interesting experiment (in a Lord of the Flies kinda way), but there's somethings seriously disturbing about the whole voting-off thing. It's sinister and doesn't promote anything good except "I'll keep you around until you are of no use to me".

Here's a better idea: put 10 people on an island and promise them each $50 000 each as long as they all make it through a month. For each person that must leave (for whatever reason), each person loses $5000 from their pot.

Even though it's for monetary gain, at least it would promote cooperation of some kind.

Then again, maybe it's just me... I mustn't be cynical enough for the new millenium.
For those of you just joining us, here's my new Pooh Log on! Wipe your feet, hang your hat, and make yourself comfortable.

It always amazes me how people can be so self-absorbed. This morning as I arrived to Villa Maria metro, there was an older gentleman (in his 60s) who was trying to get past the wicket to get into the metro. For some reason, his pass didn't work and the wicket wouldn't let him pass. He just stood in the wicket, staring at his pass, unsure of what to do.

I approached him and tried to tell to show it to the lady behind the desk and she would let him through. Unfortunately, he didn't speak English and I don't think he could understand what I was saying. As I tried to explain to him what he needed to do, a woman came barrelling down the stairs and barked at the old man "Will you get out of the way? People are trying to get through!"

"There are six other wickets to choose from," I replied, disgusted. "The guy is lost and confused... Can you cut him some slack?"

"Fuck you," she snarled and plowed through the wicket.

Oh, how I prayed for the wicket to jam just then. It didn't, but I would've giggled profusely at that point.

I finally got the gentleman to speak to the metro attendant and I went on my way. I searched the metro platform for that woman, but I didn't find her again. She was off to blast her way through all the idiots who were getting in her way. I can only hope that one day, she'll get in someone else's way, and then remember this moment as she bounces off the hood.

She probably won't, but it fills me with a certain satisfaction that she might.

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Every once in a while, I wonder if I could save on some rent money and find myself a roommate. Then I read horror stories like this one on November 5, 2001 in my buddy Jane's blog.

I'm really glad that I get to come home to an empty pad (not counting the kitty). I'm not sure I'll ever want to give up the privacy of having my own place, girlfriend or not.
This month is going to be hectic! I need to finish my MAB project of reading a book to tape by the end of the month, and I still have 260 pages to go! I could really use a condensed version.

I shaved my goatee today, so now I look like a child again. It's some kinda weird Captain Marvel/Billy Batson thing. I don't know what possessed me this morning, but I thought I could use the change.

I've got storytelling this month, but I still haven't found a story. I think I'll be a listener this week. The theme this week is Animal Tales, but my only animal tale is The Blue Hippopotamus and I've already told it at the Guild meetings.

Unfortunately, with all the reading I have to do with the MAB, I don't have time to read up on my folktales. Yikes!

Monday, November 05, 2001

So on the weekend, I got to see my first Greek wedding when I went to Elaine and George's celebration! My friend Dianna (Didi) agreed to accompany me to this shindig, which was quite impressive since she didn't know anyone there.

Actually, it was a Scottish/Greek wedding (bride: Scottish, groom: Greek). That meant there was a bagpiper at the church ceremony and at the reception, a few kilts floating around, and lots of traditional Celtic and Greek music to dance too.

It's a weird mix, to be sure. But the Greeks are such a passionate and expressive people. It was such a pleasure to see them enjoying themselves and expressing their happiness in traditional Greek dances. I took a stab at it a few times, although I had no idea what I was doing, it was a blast. We even got the chance to teach a little step dancing to a few brave souls when the Celtic tunes came on.

I've never seen a more relaxed couple during the wedding ceremony. They were constantly whispering to each other and giggling through the ceremony.

When we left at midnight, the party was still going strong. I'm guessing it went on for another couple of hours.

The only downer on the evening was that I got the "It's not you, it's me. Let's be friends" speech from Dianna. Argh. Dating sucks!

I decided to have a Dave Day the next day and after a therapeutic battle with my laundry, I went out to see Monsters Inc at the Paramount. Great film! It also has a great little animated short right before it which put us all in the right mood.

As usual, I stayed to the end of the credits (I was hoping to see some bloopers like they did in Toy Story and A Bug's Life). I was pleasantly surprised to see that they listed the Technical Writers in the movie's credits! The only other movie I've seen that does this is Ant (with Woody Allen).

Maybe this is a new trend! Techwriters are finally starting to get the recognition they deserve. Yay!
Blogger works! Of course, my site looks like it's been through the washer with an overly-dyed blue sock, but that will change. A few more washings and it'll be back to it's old self.

Or maybe something else entirely. My life is a hopeless maze of twists and turns which finally ends up in front of a locked door with a Jello Pudding Pop stuck over the eyehole. Go figure.

I gotta thank the mistress of Billegible for showing me the wonders of the Blogger. She's a real hottie, that chick.
Okay... This is my first Pooh Log entry using I used to manually edit the Pooh Log page and ftp the page back to my Sympatico site, but Sympatico won't let me update my website if I'm using a non-Sympatcio ISP. How petty of them. Honestly.

I'll keep this brief for test purposes, but I'll probably post again today. This past weekend was filled with thrills, spills, and just enough mellodrama to win it an Emmy. But I digress...