Monday, April 25, 2005

This post has been Postponed tooooooooooooooo ... now

The word "postponed" is coming up way to often lately. I've been chosen to be on a team for a new contract that was supposed to start today, but it's been postponed for a month. This contract couldn't have come at a better time, because my company ain't doing that great and I really need some new work. Working this particular client also means long-term work, which means that I could be working there for up to two years if I play my cards right (ie: I don't sucker-punch the president of the company because he's taking to long to photocopy his secretary's bum).

But the word "postponed" also came up today because the Book Launch I was supposed to get in Quebec city has been pushed off. It seems there's a book fair going on in Quebec city this coming weekend and the bookstore owner doesn't have enough staff to run the store and be present at the fair. So he's suggested to postpone the book launch until September and coordinate it with a school tour.

Overall, not going to Quebec city on Saturday is a good thing because I'm leading a public ritual for Bealtane that night (for Montreal Sabbats) and it's a bit risky to be so far away from Montreal (2.5 hours east).

But all is not lost! I am speaking with the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec and they might be interested in putting together an evening of storytelling to promote the book (old Quebec city boy does good).

Still, I was disapointed today. I moped while playing WoW. I really need things to go my way now. Where is that good luck breeze?

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Pillow Fumble

We were lazing in bed this morning, but I was pretty much awake. Ms. Carotte needed some more Zzzs, so I decided to get up and let her sleep some more.

Me: "I'm keeping you awake, aren't I?"

Her: "Maybe... zzzzz"

Me: "I'll just get up and let you sleep."

Her: "No, no... You can keep talking. I can still sleep and keep listening to you."

Me: (chuckling) "Sure... Why should today be any different?"

Friday, April 22, 2005

Newton: the Dark Cat Returns

Sometime late last year, I took a couple of photos of my cat Newton. Yes, I one of those owners who takes cutsie pics of his pet as if it were some kind of substitution for children. Just be glad that slide carrousels are going out of style.

I caught Newton between expressions which made him look a bit demonic. Then, as I clicked from site to site, I found the My Cat Hates You website. So in January, I sent the website a photo of Newton and hoped for the best.

Four months later, Newton has risen to a super-star of Evil! Click here to see his demonic side that I live in fear of every day.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Men in Retreat

Last weekend, I went to a spiritual retreat for men. No, I wasn't out fishing. No, I wasn't looking at stereo equipment. No, I wasn't out buying a car. I was at an honest-to-goodness Men's Retreat organized by the illustrious Pagan Owl of Ottawa.

We were supposed to be 30 guys, only eight of those people turned out. It kinda threw the scheduled events out the window, but the time spent was more organic (No, we weren't smoking pot) so we just flowed from breakfast to discussion to preparing for the evening's ritual to supper and so on. I had hoped for more spiritual discussion and development, but just having a weekend with other pagan men was strengthening on its own merits.

But we weren't entirely without the ladies. Our youngest, a goth in the making at the tender age of 15, was tempted away by the daughter of the owner of the land (Whispering Pines in Ontario). This is why we don't have women at a Men's Retreat. They are too distracting!

Saturday night was clear and a bit chilly, but being way out in the country, we could make-out most of the stars in the sky. It would have been more star-filled if the moon wasn't so bright. Fortunately, Rick decided to bring his telescope to add to the star-gazing activity.

I had never used a telescope to look at the moon and I was amazed at the detail you could make out. You could clearly see every crater, every mountain range, every boulder on the moon's surface. I brought my digital SLR camera with me and by adjusting the manual focus, I was able to use the telescope to take close-up photos of the moon.

You can see these photos at my Photoblog. Rick (being an avid astonomer himself) was so amazed at the quality of the photographs that he submitted them for review to the Sky and Telescope magazine (an American astronomy publishing company). Wouldn't that be cool: my first published photos!

Sorry for the long silence folks. Life is finally starting to pick up again, so I'm hoping to have more to say as the days get filled.